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From advertising to branding to content creation to editing to graphic design to proofreading to signage; I go beyond promoting your business--I promote you. 



For the uninitiated, establishing a brand can be daunting. Combining a multifacted creative mind with critical problem solving, it's possible to originate a brand that establishes presence, attracts, and, most importantly, retains clients and customers. A brand is central to your business identity so it can be nothing short of perfect. 

Graphic Design


Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, yet it's more than pictures and words that passes information. Logos, choice of color, typeface (or font), all garner attention to express what you're about and appeal to your customers. 

Social Media Management


If your website is a representation of you, then your social media presence is your handshake. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Bing, Pinterest and a bevy of other social oriented sites help you reach greater business potential. With experience in this realm, I'm passionate about creatively using social media to demand consideration. 




Be it a website, newsletter, direct mailer, or press release, copy and content is the meat of your outreach. Good copy should be informational, concise, connect, and be powerful with your audience. It will pop. Like you, your customers and clients have little time to make a decision as to who they'll choose to fulfill their needs. Thanks to good copy and content your  customers should take action instincually.



Whether promotional copy, fiction or a dissertation, your ideas will be clear so that errors don't pull the reader from those ideas. Like editing, proofreading allows readers to receive information without distracting slip-ups. 


Video Editing


Like copy editing, video editing helps make your message robust, to the point, and clear. Video is more than just moving pictures too. It's about noticing continuity and making certain that your story is paced appropriately without reshooting. 




Copy and Line Editing


You have the writing. Now make it concise and correct. Language is the window through which ideas can be seen but if the glass is dirty it's harder to understand your ideas and information. As a premier editor you can be rest assured that meaning is conveyed so that your audience understands you. 


Sign Design


Spending nearly a year in sign sales and production, I know what it takes to demand attention, convey a message, and incite action no matter if it's point of sale, informational, or promotional. 


Website Creation


Your website is an extension of your business and an extension of you. Let your site match and intesify you and your calling. A website is like a sign in front of a store; demand attention, quick relay of information, simple and easy to use. I'll match your brand with your web presence.


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